how to choose canada goose jacket/parka/coat?

canada goose outlet Northeast Super afraid of the cold girls uninvited. Confess our Northeast winter is basically an outdoor minus twenty or thirty degrees, the indoor zero on the second thirty degrees. The wind is dry large cold wind blowing for a while is headache kind. Indoor and the outdoor temperature difference are too large so the jacket must be thick! Anti-wind! Not enough thick for a while just blowing through your material and then high also dry, but our Northeast cold wind. Mountaineering wears ski suit or something very ugly and impossible to wear every day, I’d rather wear the Super-thick jacket to make yourself look like a ball it will not wear that thing!
canada goose outlet chicagoBasically, the northeast people winter Standard’s thermal underwear plus the thick sweater, thick cotton pants plus velvet jeans, and then down to the longer the better, shoes have fur or simply ugg boots. Don’t tell me, ugg boots ugly, a foot to the snow on to your leg when you feel that ugg boots look good.
canada goose outlet nycThis time you want to light and warmth, while the words of the Will with reference to the standard looking for alternatives.~thermal underwear is a must, because the wind is too large of blow to the stomach, will be very uncomfortable so plus velvet warm vest is a winter essential, with it you can wear a slightly skimpy little sweater. From the appearance of the watch is normal vest but the inside is a hairy~
canada goose outlet sale Inside is like this: and then is the sweater. Sweater if it is cashmere’s okay, but now most of them are cotton, so I would choose the shirt plus sleeve head sweater combination, so a sweater can be paired with different shirts. If you want to highlight the light of the words, of course, must be sure to buy wool and cashmere. Uniqlo’s Merino about 200 RMB you buy two different colors to match different shirt next year and then buy two colors of a four-piece, this thing is the anti-war wouldn’t be a year cannot wear, style is also very basis never gets old. Too monotonous on with sweater, necklace or scarf Brooch or something. As a student of various content data is certainly not moms know how much to buy when looking through the water wash label look at the content or shoot down what ask mom can be.
canada goose outlet store Pants while nearly two years of cotton pants are doing more and more warm and more light, preferably with sable velvet. Must be sure to try on! Warmth is important but FIT is more important! As long as the fit, even if the heavy also does not seem bloated. Inside with fleece pants, although warm and look good but there is a hard injury is to wear long knee where a particularly dissatisfied with the posts, simply would only wear a season, not affordable!
canada goose sale Shoes are the most critical! A person feet warm the body to warm. Wearing much more on the feet wear thin shoes that go out for a while will freeze much can’t stand. Be sure to leather! Fur one and Sole is not thin, not cheap or looking to buy PU. Choose the right shoes can make your pants a thin layer. Timex intended the shoes are leather, but Daphne never did. Then go home every day to put shoes put the heating on baking, keep dry and warm. The South is recommended to buy a bake shoes device bar, dry shoes can also make your pants a thin layer.
canada goose sale mens The most important of the coat has come! Fashion brand down jacket…really nice this year, however, wear maybe next year it is not warm. Recommendation or selection of professional down jacket brand, boxing. Then the outside is leather or woolen inside is down in recent years is also very popular, a little more expensive but can be thinner, warmer. Since last year bought a Uniqlo down vest after I found a make coat becomes the thin good way. Is Uniqlo that can be stacked into a bucket of down vest, the thin, wear in sweater outside, its own heat will be produced, outside a woolen coat can cope with the winter?~of course, this woolen coat is the wool content is very high and very thick very windproof.
canada goose sale womens Speaking of stingrays…we are indeed cruel, but throw you to the northeast ten years twenty years every day wrapped into a ball and then throw to give you a piece of mink, you will immediately select mink unless you a day out you can on the open air-conditioned car, not in the minus thirty degree weather….. bus. A mink can make you less wearing three layers who do not like Ah! Wear the mink while the inside wears only a small skirt. Lightweight, warm and stylish.
In fact, if physique is good not so afraid of the cold while then the cold winter can also be spread thin fashion. Usually more exercise than before going to bed drink a little wine, red wine, the best white wine you can also braise bite. Then drink more rose tea eat more ginger to eat more lamb. Anyway this year I physique well not so afraid of cold is significantly higher than last year, to get dressed slowly for a week or two of progress.

Digress, everyone when seeing an article“How to in the northeast for the winter”.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………………
canada goose black friday Have known friends go to the ice and Snow World should wear what, think there are two points forgot to say that’s what gloves and a hat. Ever had southern students battle with their anti-freeze properties high, without gloves to the ice and Snow World to play, backhands grow frostbite. So! Fixed! Belt! Hand! Set!
As for the hat, huh huh huh, the day before yesterday evening to eat out smug didn’t wear a hat, a meal out and a walk to the metro station, probably a few hundred meters of it, four not Four is near! Four, not four though so near even wear a little less as long as the run past can? Hehehe too naive, the road is all ice, I wear a pair of high heels with a bunch of little girl slow step by step RUB to the metro station…Yes, my ears freeze is broken. On this thirty-five hundred meters! Comrades, bloody lessons Ah! Be sure to wear a hat!
……………………………………………… Forgot to say that shoes must be non-slip and the inside of the hair more than a centimeter long kind, the height must be must be must be at least over the ankles up! To the calf, the better, do not recommend over the knee. A foot to the shoes into the snow. really is not just a game.

canada goose clearance Fashionable and warm are not mutually exclusive events! that!! A lot of fashion bloggers to the heavy snowfall days also strong light legs wearing a short skirt, or persistent through the summer and autumn, all winter clothing is also not a reference! But I want to say winter warm≠bloated≠ugly!!!!

canada goose jacket clearance I recommend the purchase, mainly to tend to the domestic affordable the excellent quality(clothes winter 1500 or less, the summer of 1000 or less, the package 3000 within fashion design.

The first talk about the winter clothing want to both keep warm and look good to comply with three major principles:
1, canada goose jacket mens three-layer thermal principles, so you don’t have to wear a multi-wear bloated it!
2, canada goose jacket mens sale locked to each outlet, reducing hot and cold air convection, improve the heat preservation effect!
3, canada goose jacket womens the selected pair of thin, warm fabrics, selected for style!

Below one by one to said. (Text is the key! The boys understood the text on it! Maps are mostly reading the good-looking, the Association is not 100%, do not spray)!

canada goose jackets on sale to understand the three-layer structure, you will be able to wear less!

First of all, you have to understand that your clothes are not perpetual motion, it is not from the body heat in! Body to feel all of the heat is from your own, dress just for less heat. And on the market to be able to buy all the clothes, the functionality is the same: namely, to create a still air layer, using air is the large heat capacity characteristics of the insulation!

Now, we’ll talk about how to wear the warm clothes, i.e., how to make your air layer!

The air layer bottom layer: wear for autumn for warmth, is the most important! Very important canada goose mens

All you need is a personal autumn, choose cotton(breathable, comfortable)+modal(close)+a small amount of spandex(high elastic)blended autumn, the skin and the air layer are separated. Be sure to close, is the skin outside stretch a layer of skin feeling it!!!

Even if you are to 0 degrees Celsius. also, want to exposed collarbone, uh, this is my own. Also to wear one like the following figure as a vest / the sling section of the bodysuit on!

But for the average person, you at least want to wear a flat skinny autumn now! The neckline, cuffs, the cuffs including the body of each to fit, that would be like you blowing the ball when not mouth while running gas. I was Uniqlo flat close section feel free to buy. But if you dress customary turtleneck or bodysuit better benefits the next part will tell.
Include this can be inside the ride high collar coat, you also have to be in the inside plus wear a close stretch on the body of autumn in! Then you add another sweater, a sweatshirt or something then you coat the inside plus the small quilted jacket are strong!

The air layer middle: sweater or feather, fluffy fleece. Do not like sweaters are not afraid of bloated, in fact, you wearing the sweater is the same. Behind the speaking how to pick.

The air layer outer layer: wind, is also very important canada goose mens bomber To prevent the external wind is the motion of air flow and your clothes beneath the stationary Heating flow convection. Convection will take away a lot of heat, which is why the snow day to play hip-hop little brother, and suddenly regardless of the image put the zipper pull on the reason!

canada goose mens jacket Anti-wind effect on the best to the genus trench coat and leather.
Trench coat available in the market types too much. Two hundred the following coat, belonging to the ordinary count cotton, woven too loosely made into a trench coat style is also cannot be called a trench coat, useless! A good trench coat knit very tightly, even the rain also will not penetrate wet. If really afraid of the Cold, the outermost layer of the recommended replaced with laminated fabric jackets materials of clothes.
Leather and delicate is the most windproof and warm. Artificial leather, PU leather, and genuine leather windproof warm effect almost. The difference is, dermal gloss better, more fit body; wear much later will have a surface of fine texture, very nice. PU Leatherwear will wear rotted leather.

canada goose mens sale lock each outlet to reduce cold and hot air convection
Right, wear dresses, Hats, Scarves, gloves, stockings are in order to prevent air leakage, reducing hot and cold air convection.

We start from the beginning, the human head is the brain nerve center is located. The human brain’s thin skin, but blood vessels and dense, the hair follicles and thick, so the heat doesn’t know then you computer well how much! The temperature at 4℃or so, the body about 1/2 heat from the head portion is circulated; and a temperature of minus l0 ° C, there will be 3/4 the body heat from the head canada goose parka womens to.
The hat is still very warm!
However, girls with long hair, it is pure organic leather grass effect.

Scarf: large, cashmere long scarf, but when at the same time convenient for it.

canada goose vest camo Scarf alternative a: high collar bottoming
High neck + a flannel shirt stacked wear very recommend to be afraid of the Cold the friends, particularly afraid of the cold, in fact, you can also be in between plus cashmere vest on!
Scarf alternative II: high-neck sweater
Wear not used to high neck sweaters, but thorn can be in a turtleneck sweater inside plus around a silk scarf.
Waist: this outlet many people will ignore! Hem loose dress at the waist is simply in reducing the cold air intrusion is!

Don’t like the pants strangling your stomach classmates, you can coat, wearing a wool dress, the skirt base.
Very recommended for winter to dress bottoming it!!! Because inside to wear thick socks can be! it!!!! Warm also convenient.
Not to mention the Maxi dress is the high, skinny patent!!!! To I what you can see 153cm me, so wear also wear very nice to look at! it!!!!

Don’t care tie waist uncomfortable, and can tie well.
Socks: exposed ankles into the exposed socks, the same fashionable.

In fact, if you don’t mind daily wash tights, you cannot to wear returns directly on the pants inside to wear wool socks/ordinary socks, so move up the time, pants will not be many gussets heap together ugly!

canada goose vest mens sale Choose the right lightweight, the warmth of the fabric, choose the style

Look best not to pick people style is the H-type figure-fit coat and the X-type down jacket! Show a leg you can buy A-line silhouette is! These we all understand, do not elaborate.

In fact, this place recommended wool sweater and coat are to the main positive solutions, why put in the final say! Because it is generally not acceptable to wool price! But I want to say, worth it! Autumn and winter clothes don’t really have too much! Wear buy more and more, in fact, the more waste it!!!

Want another warm and trendy, these three types of clothes don’t!

1, down jacket, is selling 300 or less, wherein the feather is not real feather/velvet but made of polyester rayon wool. Polyester does fill jacket, most of the people are passing through. That strip of nylon Silk, hand rubbing up and like plastic and like cotton, looks like a ball, tear and the tear does not open. Fabric the greater the thermal conductivity, wearing the less warm from the figure it can be seen polyester thermal capacity only duck feathers 1/4.
Using that authority, the unit didn’t break out is because I’m not a lambda that letter! Ashamed!)

Especially times water wash down in some places especially down, in some places absolutely no, no way uniform from! This polyester down jacket, wearing the effect is equivalent to half make you feel cold, half get you naked!
The figure below does not correspond to…… No tucao Nike mean. Just because looking for a time Bo wore a down jacket in the photos very tough game!

2, the on the market 400-500 wool coat, many very stiff. That’s added more than a polyester fiber, and polyester fiber warmth capacity than polyester but also to the poor. (Taobao figure, I’m not attached to.

3, the intermediate layer, followed by If afraid of the cold, dark winter sweaters do not use cotton thread. This data does not show is: you wear a two-piece cotton sweater is also not as good as with a wool sweater. Because of wear number much, air leakage place also! (Dodon’t know the material, you can look at your clothes water wash label it! I hope you didn’t cut it.

Real wool, feathers are very warm! Less than minus 15 degrees Celsius, I wouldn’t wear a down jacket. Because I hand owe you! See it bulging, the old want to poke it, poke it……

Not the textile of the cotton as fluffy and bulging is also very warm. But wearing a bloated, inconsistent with the poor main trendy requirements, when a more affordable home service is also good! Cotton feel dense, easily torn, ripped after a longer fluff.

Wool fabric a little more expensive, but well worth it, there much more to say about it. The wool is very soft, slightly a little prick. That kind of thorn, than of your hair to sweep the face of the needled felt to be a weak point.
The figure below does not correspond to…… I light legs is because, half a month ago wore a wool coat, a wool coat in the Big South to be hot dead! Air Conditioning on 16 degrees is also streaming sweat it!!! Really stand up to wear I have wool tights game!

Cashmere thermal capacity than these are good, but I hear is not recommended. The girls often comb your hair may be noted that the comb will be mixed with some do not know where to white filaments. This is something corresponding in the sheep, is sheep wool. So, the price you can imagine! In fact, 100% real feathers and cashmere are very expensive, ready-to-wear less than 2000 Yuan, do not look at the impossible! Here I also do not recommend.

Autumn and winter feeding is really a price good, expensive in addition to expensive nothing bad. Other than luxury goods, that’s a different channel!

If you intend to buy a few clothes intended here to emphasize the look of autumn and winter wool sweater / Coat, Jacket less wet cleaning now!
Many supermarkets are there for this type of garment the surface of the stains to the dry cleaners. This can reduce the fluffy fabric blocking up the opportunity to wear warmer now! More sun, More hanging ventilation is the positive solution! The money is spent please cherish list of fake canada goose sites

The last, too afraid of cold and love how to break it? Most most most important to fake canada goose websites it! Afraid of the cold, not the body dummy to get into drugs make!!!!
Own heat production enough, the only relevant system is the body metabolism rate! Body heat, that is your eating, exercise, digestion, excretion of high frequency, fast speed.

Say this, everyone can understand the key is to stride leg!!! Haha, shake a leg stomping can barely count!

cheap canada goose womens Clothes divided into three layers the outer layer is wind and rain middle warm inner layer of wicking
Outer: coat/outwear/jackets with a soft shell)
Middle: cashmere sweater/down jacket/fleece
Inner layer: any perspiration is good underwear
Black science: skin coat mink military coat
Uniqlo down price suit: Uniqlo down jacket+Uniqlo ultralight down feather jacket plus heattech underwear
Decathlon outdoor price kit: Decathlon 179 soft shell+49-fleece-plus-perspiration underwear
Down tyrant: the Canada goose/moose/Moncler plus any unlined two-piece outfit one step can hold minus twenty degrees himself the coordinates of the maple leaf country to wear these……. Really rotten street, but warm effect.)
Outdoor tyrant: BLK jackets+BLK fleece plus professional lingerie(look visually appalling can be worn on the Snow Mountain but in the city’s kill chicken with cow knife
Coat combination of a coat + a warm liner
Best look most weak to survive the force anti-air not the anti-snow warm ability is also far less down but the British gentleman wind really likes why is canada goose so expensive
Civilian version: no printing/gap/zara/Uniqlo
Tyrant: Burberry and other big names

Canada goose recently suspected animal cruelty, in a very inhuman way to get the Coyote’s fur to make the fur collar. Seriously I don’t think the fur collar too warm, but I’m against animal abuse, so won’t buy again, and now the fur collar can also be removed to go.
In addition, I am responsible to say, Canada goose although warm but really not thin. Write the answer when I have yet to buy.
————————-The following is the original answer———
canada goose womens sale How can you not warm! Canada Goose!
Saying that the label has a professional outdoor equipment and fashion clothing, this This This how a meaning…
Recently too cold, with the boyfriend? go buy a goose, went to the NYC Bloomingdales and Saks, a variety of stock of the code. Saks people tell me every day to pick three phone ask them there is no goose. The actual experience a bit, very responsible to say, enough warmth, enough light! And get a fashion capital NYC People’s recognition!
This day is too fucking cold!!!

Canada goose recently suspected animal cruelty, in a very inhuman way to get the Coyote’s fur to make the fur collar. Seriously I don’t think the fur collar too warm, but I’m against animal abuse, so won’t buy again, and now the fur collar can also be removed to go.
In addition, I am responsible to say, Canada goose although warm but really not thin. Write the answer when I have yet to buy.
————————-The following is the original answer———
canada goose vest womens How can you not warm! Canada Goose!
Saying that the label has a professional outdoor equipment and fashion clothing, this This This how a meaning…
Recently too cold, with the boyfriend? go buy a goose, went to the NYC Bloomingdales and Saks, a variety of stock of the code. Saks people tell me every day to pick three phone ask them there is no goose. The actual experience a bit, very responsible to say, enough warmth, enough light! And get a fashion capital NYC People’s recognition!
This day is too fucking cold!!!
I also considered just into the outdoor pit, have never bought the little voice are not, are basically as 8264 on a great Bronze color poems recommended buy, with warm and related outdoor temporarily into three pieces, the down is the MHW Ghost Whisperer Down, without the hat section 190g, not anti-wind, but 850F, ultra-light and warm, ZIP it up with my 24-70 2.8 is about as big, the Camera Bag just plug, out of choice; the fleece is Mammut Eiswand, slim and a bit Jeremy Scott hit color fashion sense, but warm effect in General, really, if city go out will be treated as a fool.

canada goose vest sale It is really lightweight, warm, stylish, 170g/M2 Primaloft One fill, now called Primaloft Gold, the official website revision prior to explicitly label the piece of clothing to keep warm interval to minus 17 degrees Celsius I estimate slightly water but also poor less than where to go, the outer layer paired with a suspected C-CHANGE softshell, windproof and waterproof. Cut slim fit, agile, looked very not outdoor, performance was outdoors, I just last week went to The Great Smoky Mountains, the morning 5 point to the top to shoot the sunrise, the wind speed 40mile/h about 8 level wind, and the temperature 4 degrees, I’m a member Arcteryx Phase SL almost no thermal effect of outside wear this Cloud upper body completely hold live, next year Spring Break to go to Alaska this will be my workhorse coat. So high-performance jacket price naturally expensive, $ 595 plus tax, but think clear one piece is not marked bulkiness of the down jacket sold to a 1000 knives, which had counted value.
In addition to say the sentence, if you consider only the sheer fashion in the city event, does not require anti-rain and snow capability, the cashmere coat is your best choice.